Solara will enable and establish a provable green energy ecosystem by utilising the latest in cryptography and Internet of Things technology including our SOLARA HARDWARE MODULES (SHMs).

Proof of Green energy

Enabling true proof of Green energy (vs Brown energy) production and tracking. Allowing transparency.
Proof of Fusion

Energy generative blockchain

Use of the witness proofs produced by the SHMs at the point of energy generation to enable an energy generative blockchain.
Energy Generative Blockchain

Unrivalled level of data.

Providing panel level data allowing for previously unseen levels of analysis, investment and optimisation.

A global rich data set

An ever growing data set which can be monetised and made available to public, private and individuals as per the data owner’s requests.

Enabling new financial models

Solara enables opportunities for previously unattainable capabilities. Not just for institutions, for the everyday investor as well.
Project Asset Tokens

Tech stack for future development

3rd party projects can utilise the Solara ecosystem through Project Asset Tokens and Solara hardware.

End user portfolio dashboard

Here is an early version of our end-user dashboard in a mock-up form.

This allows renewable asset holders ( and SolarPunks) to register, monitor & trade their ownership of various Solar Farms or Plants,
To sell their data and financial instruments or green offset rights – like a negawatt.

This ecosystem operates using our SOL tokens / PAT Tokens / patented Solara Hardware Modules (SHMs).

A full article & interactive version of this dashboard will be available in the near future.

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The SOL Token

The SOL token is essential to utilising the benefits provided by a blockchain based system and is key to the sustained success of the project.

SOL token allows for registration of the Solara Hardware Modules in the ecosystem and the resulting operation & benefits.

Project Asset Tokens
The Solara ecosystem also provides the ability for external projects to utilise the Solara technology with their own tokens known as Project Asset Tokens (PAT)

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The Team

Executive Board


Klaus Selinger

Non-Executive Chairman

Robert Allen

Board Member

Peter Hsu

Board Member

Mark Paton

Board Member

Core Management Team

Leon Gerard Vandenberg

CTO & Founder

Matt Worth

Mechanical Engineer and Program Manager

Michael Kadonoff

VP Technology and Data Science

Stephen MacDonald

Energy IoT (EIoT) & Edge Compute Engineer

Marco Persico

Sustainability Engineer

Michael Anthony

Investment & Acquisitions Partner Engagement

Mike New

Project Manager

Advisors & Advisory Board

Erwin Smole

Energy Blockchains

Uli Klink

IoT & Cybersecurity

Denis Bednyagin

International Business Development

Robert Schwertner

Blockchain Advisor

Naviin Kapoor

Blockchain & Fintech Advisor (MENA)

Delton B. Chen

Climate Change Mitigation

Zac Rogers

Blockchain Development

John Goslino

Solar Community Funding