What is the Project Asset Token (PAT)?

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Upon registering an asset on the their shard/instance of the Global SOLARA Asset Registry, project managers will be able to create and distribute their own Project Asset Tokens. These tokens must be created in accordance with the Project Asset Token Standard (PATS). This standard is in progress

Project managers may choose to issue ERC20/EIP20 tokens to represent fractionalised ownership of solar assets.

This would allow project owners and SOL token holders to participate in additional secondary markets for renewable asset trading, financing and data services or analytics resale, all secured by the Proof of Installation event and the Solara Hardware Module.

Figure 1 explanation:

  1. The Solara Hardware Module is locally registered, completing the bonding event to the network. A portion of SOL Token is redeemed.
  2. Membership to the Solara Asset Registry is completed.
  3. If the user elects to do so, the PAT issuance is completed, granting the original SOL holder’s a divisible amount of project specific PAT tokens.
  4. The number of PAT Tokens staged for release is gated or authorized by the relevant stakeholders (according to the project’s governance model) each actor to receive a proportion.
  5. a) During the sale of Device/Panel/Array analytics (As a Service) DPAAaS > Then the license from the sale is allocated to the token holders depending on their proportion to the rest of the holders.
    b) Generally, Tokenised energy is allocated in an identical way to the rewards of device analytics service but it can be unbundled if required. The users can do whatever they want with the produced energy and settle the sale of the energy in any method. Fiat/Crypto possible as ‘No settlement Token’ is required.